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Enjoy learning with your Team

Enjoy learning with your Team

What I love about Learning is its ability to build confidence, expand our world view and open up new opportunities, including the chance to truly connect with others.

When designing a workshop, that's exactly what I focus on: guiding teams outside their comfort zone, and building opportunities for practice, discussion and connection.

Here are some of the online courses I offer:

Public Speaking

If you feel like you're not sure how to prepare and deliver an engaging presentation in English, or you want to spice things up for your next big meeting, then this is the workshop for you.

This course helps participants organize their speech, use voice and visuals in a more impactful way and, most of all, get lots of practice to build their confidence.

Duration: 8 hours (divided into 4 sessions of 2 hours each)

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Idea Generation & Pitching

Practice different techniques to generate new ideas and brainstorm with your international team. Then take the best ideas and build a quick and effective pitch that can be used to get colleagues or clients on board.

Duration: 8 hours (divided into 4 sessions of 2 hours each)

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Onboarding & Mentoring

An introduction to different ideas and techniques to get new or existing team members involved in your projects and help build new skills.

Ideal for professionals that need to manage remote international teams and want to foster talent and stronger connections.

Duration: 8 hours (divided into 4 sessions of 2 hours each)

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Tailored training or Consulting services?

The workshops listed above are a small part of my offer.
Every project is different and I love getting to know new teams, helping define their needs and following up on the work we did together.

I also bring my expertise to L&D Managers and Training Centres to help them define strategies and solutions to help their learners.

Every project has its own unique elements, I can't wait to learn more about yours 😊

Are your sessions clear enough for Non-Native Speakers?

Most of my clients are Non-Native, multi-cultural teams, generally starting from a B1 level of English.

Most participants are from EMEA countries (including but not limited to: Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Germany and, of course, Italy), this is one of the reasons why I address intercultural differences and challenges that participants might be facing in their day-to-day communication, as a part of my courses.

I love to draw from my prior experience as a Language Trainer to simplify instructions and explanations and help participants find new ways to share their opinion. Most of my courses also include a 1:1 call before the course to confirm the participants' English level and build trust.

Are you available for Face to Face training?

Most of my sessions are delivered remotely (through Zoom, Teams or Google Meet) or in Milan.

I am open to travelling for Courses and Speaking engagements.
If this is important for your project, please state this clearly in your request, since at the moment I can't accommodate more than a few international projects in my schedule.

Are your workshops available for Individuals?

I do occasionally offer 1:1 VIP calls or, most likely, individual follow-up sessions after my group courses.

That said, my method is designed for groups (ideally 4 to 8). Some workshops can be adjusted for smaller/larger group sizes, but they might not be as impactful. 

I'm happy to discuss this point based on your unique needs and help you understand if I could be a good fit for your team ❤️

Let's start an awesome Learning Project

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