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Which PPT Shortcuts should I absolutely remember?

The shortcuts I always recommend in my courses to make presenting with PowerPoint faster and easier

Valentina Riccardi
Valentina Riccardi
1 min read
Which PPT Shortcuts should I absolutely remember?

PowerPoint is an incredibly powerful tool, but its rich menu can make it harder for people to navigate quickly to the option they need during their live presentations.

Here are 3 of my favourite shortcuts that you should try the next time you're delivering a presentation, to look more professional and in control:

  • F5
    Tap this key to quickly go from the editing screen to Presentation Mode

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse button 🖱️
    Once you are inside your full-screen presentation, if you hold the Control key (Command for Mac users) and the left button of your mouse, you will have a temporary Pointer that you can use to point out specific data in your slides. Stop holding the keys and your pointer will disappear

  • Ctrl + S
    Press the Control/Command key and the letter S on your keyboard to see an Overview of all your slides. This can be very helpful if you need to quickly skip to a different slide and you don't know exactly where it is, or if you want to give your audience a quick glance at all the slides you covered together

Bonus shortcut:

  • Ctrl + B
    Do you need to move away from your slides for a moment, maybe to answer an unrelated question?! Press the Control/Command key and the letter B to show your audience a completely Black Screen. Press this combination again to go back to your slides. If you don't like black, you could also press Ctrl and W to go to a white screen

Shortcuts are a great way to reduce waiting time while you are presenting, use them well and you'll look more professional and confident 😊

Quick Tip
Write your favourite shortcuts on a post-it note next to your PC, so you won't risk forgetting them for your next presentation.
Once you are comfortable using the shortcuts above, you can find more in this Microsoft Support Guide
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