Transform PPT slides into a PDF document with Notes - Quickly & Easily

Want to create a manual or handout from your simple slides? Here's a quick step-by-step guide on how to print your PowerPoint slides WITH your notes

Valentina Riccardi
Valentina Riccardi

This is a comment I hear a lot from the students in my Public Speaking courses (and I have a version of this post for Google slides users):

"I love a clean minimalist look, but after my presentations I always send my slides to my audience, and I need to add more details so they can really understand what I mean!"

You could create 2 versions of your slides, a simple one to use while you present and a more detailed one to send out, but I have a better alternative for you.

Here's how you do it:

  • Add a detailed explanation in the Notes
  • Click on File > Print
  • Select Print Notes Page
  • Choose PDF in the settings

And now you have a PDF document with your slides at the top and your notes right below that you can quickly share with your audience 🎉

Step-by-step Guide

Note: I'm using the online version of PowerPoint, so some of the menus of options might look a little different on your screen

1.  Add an explanation or any additional information you'd like to provide to your audience. If you can't see the notes area, click on the Notes option at the bottom of the screen.

2.  Click on File

3.  Click on Print and select the option Print Notes Page

4.  Select the Settings you would like, including the destination (PDF or your printer), the pages you would like to include in this document, and if you want to print it in full colour or black and white.

Once you are ready, click Print and enjoy your document 😊

Quick Tip
Need to prepare for a very important presentation?
Print your slides with notes to help you memorize and practice the most challenging parts of your presentation