Where can I find Photos for my presentations?

A collection of my favourite sites to source photos for your presentations and projects

Valentina Riccardi
Valentina Riccardi

Photos are a great way to build connection and elicit emotion from your audience, they can also help break the monotony of bullet-style slides, improving the overall rhythm of your presentation.

Here are some of my favourite sites to source photos for your next project:

  • Unsplash 📷
    One of the most popular websites for free photography. Unsplash features lots of categories to choose from and an extensive selection

  • Rawpixel ❤️
    One of my all-time favourite sites, Rawpixel features a curated selection of warm and diverse illustrations and photography️

  • Burst by Shopify 🛍️
    Though this collection is not (yet) as extensive as Unsplash, it features a lot of eye-catching images, most of which can be used for commercial projects.
    It also has a section with specific images for your Business Ideas that is worth taking a look at

Note: If you intend to use these images for clients or commercial projects, make sure you read the "Terms of Use" carefully, as you may need to pay extra or credit the author