Where can I find Icons for my presentations?

A collection of my favourite sites to source icons for your presentations and projects. Plus some tips and ideas.

Valentina Riccardi
Valentina Riccardi

Icons are a great way to add clarity and interest to your presentations. They can help you explain a process and also make it easier for your audience to remember what you presented.

Here are some of my favourite sites to source icons:

  • Flaticon 🎨
    This site features a large collection of icons in different styles and a lot of them are available for free. Register for a free account and you'll also be able to change some of the icon colours.
    They also have a handy tool that allows you to create patterns based on your chosen icons.

  • The Noun Project 🧠
    Another beautiful collection of icons with some modern and unexpected options to help you communicate complex ideas

  • Lordicons 🎉
    Need some movement in your minimalist slides? This site offers a collection of animated icons that are both fun and easy to add to any project

  • FontAwesome 💻
    My favourite source when I need icons for websites or apps.
    Not only do they have a wide range of icons, but they are really easy to embed in my projects (you might see a couple of their icons around this site as well) 🤫

Thinking outside the box
Another great option is using Emojis, especially if your presentation is a bit less formal. Emojis are free and have an immediate and familiar look.
To quickly open the emoji menu directly in your documents, do the following:

For Windows
Press Windows + .
(the windows symbol in your keyboard + the period key)

For Mac
Press Control + Command + Space

Note: If you intend to use these images for clients or commercial projects, make sure you read the "Terms of Use" carefully, as you may need to pay extra or credit the author