About this site

Welcome! Find out who's behind #AskedInClass, what I'm working on and what I can do for you 😋

The internet is full of amazing resources to help you communicate and collaborate with your team. If you're having trouble picking the best ones or if you don't know exactly where to start, this site is for you.

This is where I share quick articles with my favourite tips, resources, links and the answers to the questions I get from my adult students during my Workshops 😊

Hi, I'm Valentina 👋

I'm a Trainer and I specialize in Communication and Collaboration, which basically means I spend a good part of my work week (more than 10'ooo hours so far) helping corporate Teams practice and build strategies to share their ideas and work better together.


If you're wondering what is keeping me busy in this period, here's your answer:

  • I'm delivering some amazing Workshops to Corporate Teams 🎉
  • Spending as much quality time as I can with my son ️❤️
  • Enjoying ☕ in some of the best Co-Working spaces in Milan while putting together a list of resources to answer my students' questions #AskedInClass
  • Consulting with Training Centres, Startups and Learning & Development Managers to help mentor their internal trainers and come up with new practical learning solutions for their companies/clients 🚀
  • Trying to learn how to design my own cool illustrations
  • Occasionally writing posts on LinkedIn (but mostly lurking around)

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